Big Boy Boxing

Soupmaster Games at Game Developers Conference 2022!

WI’am happy to announce that we will be attending GDC 2022! If anyone wants to meet up to talk about Big Boy Boxing that would be awesome (Dm me on Twitter or Discord). I’ve been really looking forward to events like this, and many thanks to Sweden Game Arena for helping us out with this trip!

In-Depth Devlog about Gamemodes

This devlog of sorts will give you a better insight on the different gamemodes we are designing for Big Boy Boxing! Keep in mind that all these features are Work In Progress, and depending on your feedback may be altered!

Funny Big Boy Boxing Videos

Here are some of my favorite videos/clips of the Big Boy Boxing Very Early Alpha build that I want to highlight! If you haven’t checked them out you should, they are very funny (Beware). Videos Bonus Extra: Big Boy Boxing Articles